The Vision

The Gasworks Residences offers great outdoor spaces for recreation, relaxation and festivities.


The Gasworks Residences
Brisbane QLD

Key Collaborators

Client: Gasworks Residences Body Corporate Management
Lead Manufacturer / Contractor: Bespoke Metal

Design Items

Coffee Tables
Dining Tables
Bar Tables


The construction of the Gasworks Residences is the final piece of the puzzle within the Gasworks precinct. Overlooking the heritage Gasometer, this luxurious residential building lies within the buzzing heart of Newstead. A desirable place to reside, the high rise compliments its surrounding landscape, incorporating the green theme of the Plaza below.

The Gasworks Residences were developed by Tom Dooley who is known for quality building in beautiful locations. The highlight of the development is the rooftop entertaining area complete with a large wet-edge pool, sunken courtyards, yoga terrace, and outdoor kitchen. All this surrounded by opulent sub-tropical gardens with the spectacular city vista.

Additional break-out spaces were needed as the rooftop terrace became more popular.  This included the need for outdoor tables for dining as well as coffee table settings for a more casual and laid back offering.  Outside Assembly worked directly with the Gasworks Residences body-corporate team to conceptualise and develop a suite of outdoor tables.

The tables needed to be in keeping with the premium aesthetic of the rooftop terrace and customised to fit a specific seating arrangement and shape.  A unique pattern was developed that derived from the Gasworks Residences logo and laser cut into the table tops. This allowed air-flow circulation for regulating the temperature of the table surfaces that are exposed to full sun as well as to allow for water drainage.

The custom laser cut pattern is a seamless design detail that adds an element of uniqueness.
Ian Menzies, Bespoke Metal.

Photography by Cam Murchison.

A rooftop vantage point to take in the Brisbane skyline and experience the wonder of the Gasworks precinct.