Victoria Park Barrambin.

Natural Retreat - An urban parkland for adventure, discovery and reconnection.
Design items: Bench Seating, Table Settings, Banquet Settings, Stools, Barbeques, Bicycle Racks, Bin Surrounds, Bollards
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Herston Quarter.

A series of artworks that honour the legacy of women who previously lived and worked on the Herston Quarter site.
Design items: Sculptural Artworks
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Tully Memorial.

A lasting memorial that reinforces the message and impact of climate change.
Design items: Sculptural Flood Markers
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Ribbon Bench Initiative.

Enhance user engagement by creating a memorable and stimulating experience in the public realm.
Design items: Sculptural Bench Seating
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Penny Lane.

A place on campus for the public, students, and staff to meet and enjoy a vibrant, colourful oasis.
Design Items: Tables, Stools, Benches
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An array of adaptable configurations that cater to any public space.
Design Items: Modular Seating & Planter System
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The Quad.

Lismore’s creative playground - A place to connect, meet, play and learn.
Design Items: Stackable Chairs, Stackable Stools
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Campbell & Duffy.

To revitalise the shopping centres and support the changing needs of the community.
Design items: Benches, Table Settings, Bar Settings, Bicycle Racks, Bin Surrounds, Tree Surrounds, Wayfinding, Signage, Bollards, Shelters
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Gasworks Residences.

The Gasworks Residences offers great outdoor spaces for recreation, relaxation and festivities.
Design Items: Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Bar Tables
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Darling Square.

To create a place of significance for the community that reflected the unique qualities of the Darling Square site.
Design Items: Tables, Chairs, Stools
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ACU Weemala.

To provide an adaptable space for teaching, meeting, functions and social engagement.
Design items: Modular Seating System
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